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1. Donations

My role at International Justice Mission is a volunteer position and I need to raise about $20,000 USD to live and work in Chennai for one year. This budget includes things like: the costs of orientation and training, flights to and from India, meals, housing, health insurance, visa, and travel for work purposes.

(This budget doesn't include things like: living in my own personal Taj Mahal, a Royal Enfield Motorcycle, or elephants. Those are on me.)

If you're interested in helping, please don't hesitate to give even a small amount. Maybe think about giving a day's worth of expenses, about $55, or maybe $20 on a monthly basis. Every last bit of funding is helpful and I'm deeply grateful for anything you're willing to give.

*** UPDATE ***

I'm overwhelmed with gratitude and happy to announce that I have officially met my fundraising goal for my time in India! All the donations were an incredible showing of crazy generosity and support from friends and family and plenty of people who I've never met or who chose to give anonymously. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I truly cannot express how much your generosity touched me, encouraged me, and made all this work possible. I'm so very grateful for all your help.

I won't be accepting any additional donations, but if you'd like to continue supporting the work of International Justice Mission, you can visit their website here.

Thank you, everyone!


2. Get Involved

Aside from the International Justice Mission website, you can check out the following articles on what the organization does: 

The New Yorker: "The Enforcer—A Christian Lawyer's Global Crusade" 
Profile of International Justice Mission founder, Gary Haugen

The New York Times: "Raiding an Indian Brothel" by Nicholas D. Kristof" 

CNN:  Toddlers Freed From Brick Kiln Bondage
A brief exposé (including video interview with IJM staff)

3. Prayer & Support

Keep me in your prayers. I'd appreciate prayer for safety in a foreign place, prayer for strength when the romance fades and the distance sets in, prayer for patience and humility, and prayer that my presence and work might be of some good. 

If you don’t have a religious background (or maybe if prayer is just unfamiliar territory for you) please keep me in your thoughts. Keep in touch and send me a reminder of home. Write me an email. Find me on Facebook. I'd absolutely love to hear from you!