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International Justice Mission
Chennai, India
2013 – 2014

International Justice Mission is a non-profit Human Rights agency, headquartered in the U.S. and active in 13 countries and 20 field offices, worldwide.

In Chennai, India, where I worked from 2013 to 2014 , IJM staff and volunteers work alongside Indian police and government officials to investigate, rescue, and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking, and specifically, victims of bonded labor—modern-day slavery.

I joined IJM for a one-year Fellowship role, working with the Advocacy and Communications team. I led projects emphasizing design for print and web, photographic storytelling, and video productions—all showcasing the important work of IJM and the incredible bravery and resilience of survivors of modern-day slavery.

Here are a few of my favorite projects.

2013 Video Retrospective: International Justice Mission | Chennai

Concept, Direction & Production

Design, CSS/HTML wrangling, Content Management

Abuse Referral System

Concept, UX & Visual Design

End Bonded Labour Campaign

Art Direction & Design

2014 Calendar

Design, Photo Editing, Some Photography

2013 Annual Review

Design, Writing, Photo Editing, Some Photography

Book Cover Design: "The Locust Effect"

Graphic Design

This cover was designed as part of the India Pre-Release Version of "The Locust Effect".

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mFoundry Inc.
San Francisco, CA, 2010 – 2013

At mFoundry I designed and produced mobile banking applications for smartphones, tablets, and the web. I was a solo designer for a team of over 20 engineers and led the design and production on all of the projects highlighted here.

MasterPass™ Mobile Wallet App for iPhone

Lead Designer: Interaction, Visual, & Production

For an examples of my animation and UX concept work, you can watch a brief clip here:


Mobile Banking App for iPhone & Android

Lead Designer: Interaction, Visual, & Production

iPad Banking App

Lead Designer: Interaction, Visual, & Production

Message Center for Mobile Banking App

Lead Designer: Interaction, Visual, & Production

For examples of my animation and UX concept video work, you can watch two clips here:



(Pardon the jumpy playback. These videos play quite quickly, due to some wacky updates to Mac OS and the way it interprets Keynote videos.)